Farmlands, or agricultural landscapes, captures the interest of a number of researchers based at the Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University. On this blog we share information about research findings, activities, events and comments related to our work.

Our interest in farmlands has three roots: farming, landscape and society.
Farming as a practice, including farmers knowledge and labour investments
Landscape as society-nature relations, congealed history, and as space and place
Society as a short form for institutions, gender relations, political economy and scientific relevance

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Upcoming seminars at the dept of Human Geography, SU

15th May 13:15 Brian Kuns half time seminar: Pathways from Collective Farming: The Landscape, Uneven Development and Farm Restructuring in Post-Soviet Southern

The opponent is Oane Visser, an anthropologist from the Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands

27th May 10:15 African and Global Landscape History: Stockholm-Uppsala synergies (room X308)

Paul Lane has recently been appointed to a chair in Global Archaeology at Uppsala University. He has since long cooperated with Stockholm geographers in the network People and Land and Time in Africa and has successfully completed a large interdisciplinary project on Historical Ecologies of East African Landscapes. We welcome him to Sweden and take this opportunity to discuss how Stockholm-Uppsala links in the field of African and Global landscape history can be strengthened

10.15 Welcome from Karin Holmgren and Mats Widgren (Stockholm University): Platina 2.0?  Where are we`? Where are we heading?

10.30 Mats Widgren (with contributions from from Jan Risberg and Lars Ove Westerberg), Stockholm University: Exploring precolonial agriculture and intensification: the case of Bokoni, South Africa

11.15 Elin Norström and Jenny Sjöström (Stockholm University): Current and planned investigations of the Lydenburg fen and other wetlands in the Bokoni area

12.00 Lunch

13.15  Annelie Ekblom (Uppsala University): Socio-environmental history of the Limpopo National Park, Mozambique

14.00 Paul Lane (Uppsala University):  From Historical Ecologies of East African Landscapes in York to Global Archaeology in Uppsala: some reflections.


Open for all, no registration

28th May 10:15 Martina Angela Caretta halftime seminar: Negotiating irrigated landscape. A local gender contract analysis of two small holder farming communities in the dry-land of East Africa (room X308)

The opponent is Anna-Klara Lindeborg from the Dept. of Social and Economic Geography at Uppsala University 


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