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Our interest in farmlands has three roots: farming, landscape and society.
Farming as a practice, including farmers knowledge and labour investments
Landscape as society-nature relations, congealed history, and as space and place
Society as a short form for institutions, gender relations, political economy and scientific relevance

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Canals and furrows now published in Azania

Furrow irrigation

In the summer 2013 I posted a comment on terminology on the Farmlands blog Furrows in Africa -- canals in the Americas ? With some additional comments and references it is now published in Azania;

Abstract _This brief comment argues that the use of the term furrow system for locally developed irrigation in Eastern Africa is misleading in an international comparative perspective. It is at odds with the terminology in irrigation engineering and also with the archaeological terminology used outside Eastern Africa. Internationally, the term canal is used for the artificial watercourses that bring water from the source to the field, while furrow irrigation refers to one specific way of applying water to the individual field.

Find the published version at this link. Do not hesitate to write to if you want a digital offprint.

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