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Our interest in farmlands has three roots: farming, landscape and society.
Farming as a practice, including farmers knowledge and labour investments
Landscape as society-nature relations, congealed history, and as space and place
Society as a short form for institutions, gender relations, political economy and scientific relevance

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Monday, June 1, 2015

How ancient canals can solve current water scarcity issues

I take the opportunity to share this short reportage on Al Jazeera about the ancient water canals in the outskirts of Lima, Peru. Once run-down waterways have been restored and are now adding to water security in a sprawling city faced with reduced precipitations and changing weather patterns.

While the reporting done by Al Jazeera might tend to romanticize the importance of so called traditional technologies in responding to current challenges, there is an important message in this story. Scientific predictions about climatic changes and scientific methods, coupled with local knowledge and management and indigenous materials and techniques can be instrumental in improving the efficiency and functionment of existing, but often abandoned, historic water and field systems.

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