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Our interest in farmlands has three roots: farming, landscape and society.
Farming as a practice, including farmers knowledge and labour investments
Landscape as society-nature relations, congealed history, and as space and place
Society as a short form for institutions, gender relations, political economy and scientific relevance

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Field Diary, Issue 1, July 2015
Geert W van der Plas, Annemiek Pas Schrijver and Colin Courtney Mustaphi (eds)

The first issue of the Field Diary is out. The Field Diary is a compilation of stories from PhD students working all over the world sharing their field experiences.

Welcome to the first edition of Field Diary!
Many of us are out in the field and busy doing our research. Each of us lives through different experiences while we’re out there, trekking across the African landscape and elsewhere in the world. There are good times and difficult times, and sometimes we can feel a little disconnected from the rest of the world. That is why we introduce the field diary. We can all share our experiences from the field, the joys, the discoveries, but also the frustrations. And by writing and reading these stories we can share these feelings, and be a little bit more connected again.
We will try to release a field diary at least twice a year, and give each edition a different flavor by giving it a theme that relates to field work. The field diary is an initiative of the REAL project, and everyone is welcome to contribute.
From the editorial team, we hope that you enjoy these stories from the field. We wish you an amazing time in the field and don’t forget to look up from your work once in a while and realize how lucky we are to be able to do this amazing work!

The editorial team

Click on Field Diary if you want to access the full version.

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